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We sit somewhere in between classic
interior design and e-design
How did Interior Fox get started?

We used to work together at our old jobs and realised we wanted to create something of our own, with our own style, using our own way! We knew there was a need for this type of service and that clients would really respond to an affordable design service that provided great style! We also haven’t seen any interior design service that nailed our aesthetics and knew there was room for us in the market. 

How many people are at Interior Fox?

Right now, it’s just us, Jen + Mar! We have been working on Interior Fox together for the past year to further develop our business and provide one-on-one client attention but we are about to bring on another Fox this summer! Our vision is to grow a few more on the team in the next few years but keeping it small to monitor design and quality of work. 

What are your backgrounds?

J: I am from the US, with Brooklyn, NY being my last home of 7 years, although my roots originated in Texas! Yes Y'all! I actually got my Master’s Degree in contemporary photography at Parsons The New School in NYC and worked as freelance photographer for many years. I really love making art but always had a passion for interiors. Eventually after moving to London I enrolled myself in a great Interior Design program at Chelsea School of Design and the rest is history. 

M: I’m born and raised in Cebu, Philippines. I grew up surrounded by many friends and families who owned furniture and product manufacturing factories and was always interested in designing. That led me to pursue product design in Academy of Art University in San Francisco then majoring in furniture design in my final two years of school. While in school I did a summer internship in an Interior Design in London, that’s when I knew A. I love interiors and B. London is my city!

What does your perfect home look like?

J: In a nutshell, I'd say I’m a fan of NYC loft conversions, mixed with the desert glam of L.A, some 80's kitsch from Miami, peppered with traditional English furniture/antiques. I quite like the idea of white walls, dark floors in the neutral areas and then, BAM, every room has its own colour story! 

M: In my dream life, I have 20 homes around the world and all looking very different depending on where it is! However, I think that deep down I have more of an eclectic bohemian vibe that’s more refined and neat. I will always love natural fibres, ikat patterns, vintage pieces and yes... lots of plants too!

What is Interior Fox's style? 

We are quite bold when we can be and love mixing patters + colours. Of course, there is an element of trend (pinks, marbles, brass, wallpaper, velvets) but we are always conscious of our clients wishes and what each project entails. If anything, we like to marry our style with our clients. :)

How many projects have you guys completed? 

For the past year, we have been working on a variety of projects which include 3 x full home renovations (4-5 rooms each), over 20 decor + furniture E-design projects, and 15 x commercial projects! And learned so much in the meantime about our business and its potential. 

Who is your ideal client? 

You! haha jk (but seriously) We find that first time home-owners who are wanting to furnish their space or even those looking for a re-fresh. Right now, we are seeing a lot of clients who want help with renovation + decor so we now offer a combination service that helps from a very early stage. 

Why would someone use e-design over a traditional Interior Designer?

Honestly it saves everyone time! We are in the age of social media and emails being our primary source of interaction so designing a space can be too. We combine the ease of online communications with the sophistication of boutique interior design. 

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