What is E-design?

E-design stands for electronic design, where classic interior design methods are carried out online and using electronic applications!

Why use Interior Fox?

We sit somewhere in the middle of classic interior design and E-design, but always maintain a boutique, high-quality perspective in all of our designs. Everyone has their own aesthetics, even when you have not quite figured out what yours is. We can help you find your individual style and work with you through several rounds of design, until we find the perfect look for you. Using your budget and project details we give you an entire design plan to guide you through the whole decorating process.

How is Interior Fox different from other E-design businesses?

We are a small boutique design team dedicated to keep every project consistent and of high quality! In all of our designs we aim to create something that looks amazing rather than just to fill the room with furniture. It is an art form that we implement with some technical magic. Plus we give you MORE – we post a physical design package to your home allowing you to feel your swatches, flip through your shopping list and be able to hold all the elements of your design brief.

Do you come to my home?

Yes, if you want us to! We have services that offer just that but at an additional fee – and is currently only available in London. The beauty of our e-service is that it aims to cut down all the time consuming elements of travelling and back and forth, so that we can give all our attention to your design.

How will Interior Fox know what my space looks like?

MAGIC! Just kidding! Once you sign up for one of our services we will send a design survey where we will ask you to provide us with photographs, floorplans, and any necessary measurements so that we can recreate your space electronically.

How do we communicate through the design process?

All communications are done through e-mail! (Do not worry we’re always on it!) However, if you prefer a phone call or video chat, we will be happy to schedule this! We also have a telephone or video consultation service £79 (up to 1 hour) that is super helpful for those with design dilemmas or who want some ideas/tips for their space.

Can I use Interior Fox outside of London or Internationally?

We often work with clients based all over the UK and have previously worked with international clients in the US, Europe, and Middle East. As of now, we mainly source and partner with UK retailers as we are based in London. However, if you are based outside of the UK, we are definitely open to make something work for you, so just ask! (In previous examples our clients have set up their own international 3rd party shipping to organise their delivery - this is something the client would have to organise)

Can I give this service as a gift?

Absolutely! Just email us to set up a bank transfer and we can create a custom voucher to be sent to your friend/lover/mother/whoever on any day that you choose! (Vouchers are valid for up to 12 months)

How long is the total design process?

On average each room is completed in 2 weeks, however, it can depend on the response time is per client. Bigger projects, such as renovation projects take more time as we will be communicating with more vendors. Additionally, if you are working on multiple rooms at a time or combining a renovation + boutique E-design package – this will end up taking a little longer, however we always work to be as quick and efficient as we can. At the beginning of every project we outline a schedule that we would like to strongly adhere to.

What rooms can you design?

We can work with all spaces in your house: bedroom, living (room/ areas?), kitchen, bathroom, office, outdoor, and hallways. 

What about commercial spaces? (offices, restaurants, shops, salons, etc)

We also work on commercial spaces, no task is too large or too small! We are an interior design platform that works with all spaces. For commercial spaces please contact us at hello@interiorfox.co.uk  and we can discuss further!

In detail what does an Interior Fox design package cover?

We ask you to fill out a detailed questionnaire about your space and how you would like it to feel. We then suggest furniture, layouts, wall finishes, flooring, window treatments, lighting, fixtures, soft furnishings, art, and other accessories. Your unique content will depend on which package & room you selected.

Can you help with Architectural Design and building questions?

We can help recommend architects and builders that we have worked with in the past but it’s always best to get as many quotes and consultations as possible. We both have experience with renovating properties and know how much work can go into them. With that being said, our service can provide the conceptual planning, sourcing of materials such as tiles, light fixtures, wallpapers, paint, etc. but we do not offer any structural advice or detailed architectural plans.

What do I do if I have an open floor-plan?

Not to worry, our packages are based on the area being designed, so when we calculate price we determine the areas that are involved in the project… but we also give a slight break in price! For example, with an open living and dining space, if you wish to have both spaces renovated or furnished please let us know you have an “Open Plan” and you will be only be charged 1.5 x the design fee. This gives you the second area half off! Yeah!

Are there any hidden fees?

No way! We are a flat fee service who's payment is agreed up front. You can choose to add services at a later date but any incremental cost will be transparent and will not come as a surprise to you. We will not go over the agreed package cost without consulting with you first!

Can you create “green/eco-friendly” rooms?

We would love to! It may take us a bit longer to source furniture that is green & stylistically in line with your needs, but we are definitely up for the challenge! You will also have the option to go paper-less and you will receive all the electronic files instead of a printed design pack.

What happens if I don't like my designs?

We are all about 100% customer satisfaction and strive for nothing less. With design being so subjective, we understand that sometimes a client might not be completely in love with the final design. As a result, we are happy to go through an additional 2 rounds of revisions until you are satisfied. :)

What if I still don't like my designs after the additional 2 revisions?

If, after the 2 rounds of revisions, you are not satisfied and want a completely new look - we would charge a flat fee for the additional mood-boards. But rest assured that this has never happened and our aim is for our customers to be 100% satisfied even before the revisions! :)

How does the shopping list work?

We send you an electronic .pdf file with clickable links – the links will lead you directly to the chosen item and you will be able to purchase your product. You are your own shopper, we just tell you where and how much!

Does Interior Fox shop for me?

Yes, if you want us to! We have a (£279) shopping service for TRADE items – here we can provide discounts, liaise with suppliers, and arrange deliveries. This service pays for itself as you will save loads of money on furniture, accessories, art, and renovation materials. This service applies to TRADE DISCOUNTS ONLY so you will still be purchasing any items that are not part of this on your own time. This service is also valid for 12 months so there is no pressure to buy at all once!

What are trade discounts?

We have worked hard to set up many relationships with both retailers and suppliers where we negotiated various discounts that we pass to you when possible. Every vendor/retailer has a different policy but we work hard to get you the best possible discount.

Does interior fox help install the furniture or receive deliveries on behalf of me?

Unfortunately not, that’s all you! The beauty of our affordable service is that you take over the final stage and complete in your own time.

Do I have to buy everything at once?

Of course not, but don't wait too long as items could go out of stock! (and don't you want your room to be finished?) We understand that life gets in the way, with holiday or bills creeping up on us but if you wait too long we cannot guarantee that your item won’t go out of stock or you could miss a great promotion!

What kind of furniture do you source

We are not restricted to a single furniture source and we work hard to grow our supplier database. We will work specifically with your budget to seek out the best items anywhere from the high street to high-end boutiques. We also love finding cool vintage pieces, if that’s what you're into.

Is there a minimum budget to spend on a room?

There is no minimum budget, it really depends on what you need. With that in mind an empty room that needs complete furnishing usually starts from the low end of £3000+ per room. It’s all up to you and what you are looking for! Your budget is your own!

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