Halloween Chic: dark decor you’ll want to keep all year

Halloween Chic: dark decor you’ll want to keep all year

Halloween Chic without a pumpkin or skull in site

Every year, towards the end of October we vigorously shuffle through our storage bins in our attics or eaves just to use the same spooky decor for a couple of weeks, until they go back to building up dust. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to incorporate spooky and dark decor into your everyday design? We’re bringing you 10 of the funkiest decor goods that can be used exclusively for Halloween, or better yet, all year round! 


.01 Modern Femme Wallpaper by Drop it MODERN

drop it modern femme wallpaper

From tattoos to framed art, line drawings have made their way into the top design trends. The Modern Femme wallpaper by Drop it MODERN fills an empty wall perfectly! Use the wallpaper to create a funky feature wall in your home that will appeal to everyone. And we won’t even talk about the photo ops this wall creates 😉 Even if you end up getting sick of the wallpaper (we can’t imagine who would) it is easily removable!


.02 Metafisica Candle by Fornasetti

metafisica-candle-otto-large by fornasetti

It was so hard to choose just one item from Fornasetti! The company specializes in graphic illustrations that are translated onto common decor items to create quirky pieces like the one above. Faces are often the inspiration behind the designs making it as creepy as Halloween itself. The candle above features the enigmatic face of Lina Cavalieri. 


.03 Trinket Trays by Jonathan Adler

What would you use these trays for? Trinkets or candy? We hope you don’t ash your cigarettes on these beauties! We know Halloween is meant to be dark and mysterious, but it can also be colourful and fun, that’s why these trays are such cool contrasting pieces. 


.04 Brass Talon Candle Holder

wild brass claw candle holder

This is the wild side of Halloween. These bird claw candle holders are creepy yet interesting, to say the least. The brass make of the sculpted piece makes it pleasant to look at. Definitely an awesome piece to have in your home all year round!


.05 Lineage Occasional Table by Kelly Wearstler

lineage occasional table black and white stripes by kelly wearstler

This piece screamed Halloween to us, we don’t know why. Is it because it reminds us of Beetlejuice or a prisoner costume, or maybe a referee? Regardless, this striped mixed marble table by Kelly Wearstler is so trendy and distinct…we want one in our homes too!!


.06 The Gilded Muse Collection by Jonathan Adler

gilded muse group vase faces by jonathan adler with gold details

This collection is such a treat to the eye. These vases are unconventional yet charming. Wrapped in faces and gilded details, these vases were inspired by Gala, Salvador Dali’s wife and muse. These vases were inspired to ‘dress up’ as muses…maybe that’ll be a  costume idea for you guys this year!


.07 Globo Box by Jonathan Adler

globo box by jonathan adler

Hide the candy from your sneaky kids in these jolly little boxes. Their glowy glamour nature gives off the appearance of a crystal ball. We can’t speak for the future, but maybe the globo box can!


.08 Op Art Bar by Jonathan Adler

jonathan adler opt art bar art deco vintage cabinet

This little bar has a lot going on; hypnotic and vintage, creative and contemporary, we love all the different aspects of this piece!! The layered black and white graphic stripes influenced by pop culture with the polished brass inspired by art deco designs makes this piece diverse enough to stay in your home even after Halloween!


.09 Vice Canister by Jonathan Adler

black and white vice canister with secrets label

Your secrets are safe with us! But if you feel you can’t trust us, you can trust the canisters! These bold black and white striped canisters will hold your ‘vices’….or kitchen essentials, but that’s no fun. Choose from Jonathan Adler’s vice canister selection if you want to stash glitter, puppy uppers, or ganja, or all of them, we don’t judge!


.10 Mohawk Sculpture by Kelly Wearstler

blue mohawk quartz sculpture by kelly wearstler

We had to save the best for last, how cliche of us! This Mohawk Sculpture is so wicked especially with the quartz embellished mohawk. We’re definitely noting this down for future hairstyles ideas!