Interior Fox x H&M Home

Interior Fox x H&M Home

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We have big news! 


For a while now we’ve been totally obsessed with H&M Home’s style and we’re proud owners of many of their unique products. We are now collaborating with H&M Home offering services to transform your home, or even just a room. Chic and affordable? Yes, please!


A little about H&M Home…

H&M Home is a modern and diverse brand offering products for all sorts of home styles. Need a lamp for your new york style loft? They’ve got that. A rug for your minimalist flat? H&M Home has you sorted. Not only does the company offer a range of products suitable to all, but the prices and quality of the products makes them just so so…. irresistible, to say the least. Shop H&M Home’s goods by concept- Premium Quality, Classic Collection, and Conscious for sustainable style.


So how does the collaboration work?

Interior Fox offers two services with H&M Home: have us design your home for £99 using H&M Home products, OR for £199 we can come and style your home using the branded products. 


Step 1: You sign up for one of the services which includes a custom mood board using H&M Home products that suits your space best and correlates to your project needs.


Step 2: You receive your mood board along with a shopping list with links to products.


Step 3: You start buying the goods from the provided shopping list to be delivered to your home.


Step 4:  If you’ve booked the in-home service, we schedule an appointment to visit your home to install and style all the chic new pieces within your space.


aaaaand voila!


 We combine our creative skills with the H&M Home products to make a very happy YOU!


Some of our favs

As we mentioned, we are BIG fans of H&M Home products. So, we wanted to share some of our top favourite goods as well as some Interior Fox styling inspiration!!


h&m home mood board collaboration with interior fox

Combining neutrals and greens allows you brighten and liven up your room simply without using oversaturated colours.



h&m home mood board collaboration with interior fox

Looking to go vintage? Rattan and Brass were big hits in the 1980’s. Pair the two to create a modern retro feel.



Black details don’t always have to be cold, they can be BOLD! Use black details to add contrast and make a statement in your home your friends and family won’t forget.



Black and white work with, well, everything! So why not add some black and white  details to your pastel filled room to add a bit of an edge to your style?



Nowadays everyone is looking to pick up a plant for their home. No matter how big or small, H&M Home has vases and pots suitable for all plant types and home styles!



Like what you see?


 Get started with your very own unique H&M Home experience


 £99 for  a mood-board & shopping list




 £199 for a mood-board and in-home styling! (within London) 


It’s as easy as 1-2-3, just click here