Investing in Party-ware : TATRA COLLECTION by LSA


Mar + Jen Explore The New TATRA Glass Collection From LSA

A few key pieces really make an impact ! TATRA Champagne Cocktail Glass

“The TATRA Collection is a bold and contemporary take on some of the most traditional designs that rural Polish woodworkers have used for centuries. Applying the designs to glass as well as wooden accessories has resulted in one of my favourite ranges which combines a feeling of nostalgia with a sense of fun”, Monika Lubkowska-Jonas, Designer.


Lets talk about weight (the good kind)   

You’re not gonna tip these over!TATRA Champagne Cocktail Glass
You know when you pick up something and it just feels nice? Well holding one of these glasses feels like a luxury cocktail party set in the 1930’s and they feel GOOD! The heaviness of these bad boys really put my clumsy hands at ease, especially after a few bevies. We tested these out with some average champagne and that was probably a disservice to their beauty, but we couldn’t wait for a proper party to test them out!


Design! … a set of 4 x glasses are all different 

You get a collection of different shapes TATRA Champagne Cocktail Glass


We understand that its pretty classy to have matching pieces of dinner and glassware, but its even classier when they are slightly different yet look like they are from the exact same collection. Its kind of hard to tell from this photo we took but each glass has a slightly different design which we think is pretty cool! At least you know if you were to buy a set of 4 or 8 that each person would be holding their own unique glass and you won’t have to worry about swapping saliva from glass confusion. (insert monkey hiding eyes emoji).


The TATRA Decanter is stunning

(My husband couldn’t wait to pour something in here)TATRA Decanter 1.6L Clear


The TATRA Decanter 1.6L really is a show stopper! It really has the sophistication of a classic whiskey decanter, even though we poured aged rum into this one. 🙂 The stopper is super solid and feels like a chunk of crystal too. I used to work as a bartender for many years and really appreciate great bar-ware, even though this is more “shelf-ware”, as I don’t want any clumsy hands on this bad boy knocking it over. This would look great amongst the other top-shelf liquors/spirits ready to be poured over some filtered ice cubes. Thats right, have you had a proper drink with filtered ice cubes? It really makes a difference in a glass of quality whiskey. 


    Style: Donuts + Champagne

We love mixing high-end and low-brow


Ok we had a lot of fun taking pictures and playing with our food! When we’re thinking how to style a fun cocktail party or just a night with the girls over, we thought of the idea: Donuts + Champagne because we’re kind of fancy but kind of not. We love that the Tatra collection from LSA is the “fancy” in our equation and that it will always be our solid go-to for party-ware, whether we do hors d’oeuvres or street food. 


Don’t forget the mixers!

A great glass deserves a great drink


So you can have the most beautiful glassware in the world but if you’re pouring in Cava from Sainsburys or mixing cheap vodka into your recipe, then you’re almost doing this gorgeous collection a disservice. We can talk about drink recipes another time if you want some great ones (honestly just ask us), but its the same analogy as buying a beautiful home and filling it with unwanted hand-me-down furniture. And no we are not hating on vintage or up-cycled, we mean the ugliest of ugliest furniture pieces that not even grandma loves. haha. The point is, quality is quality so don’t skimp on a good drink!



Cheers to great stems! 

“Nice stems” – Clueless


Hope we don’t sound like were now saleswomen for LSA, so this will be our last point, but we just really love the new collection! This kind of ties into the first point about weight as you feel its quality as soon as you pick up. The “stems” are thick enough to really get a grasp on. Did I mention the whole clumsy thing? These are a girls best friend! Also you don’t have to just pour prosecco or champagne into these glasses (break the rules) and mix some of your favourite cocktails into these. Try a French 75 or something with a gorgeous garnish!!






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