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easy as 1, 2, 3
e-design service prices
£749 per room
boutique e-design
decor + furniture
£849 per room
renovation e-design
walls + floors + etc
get started
find your style 0.1
Take a fun questionnaire to help us learn more about your vision. Upload photos of your space and floor plan and we'll do the rest!


0.2 design collaboration

Work with us online for two weeks or less by providing feedback on custom-made mood boards and design layouts. Stage by stage, we get your approval until your vision is complete.

You will receive (per room):

3 - Idea Boards
2 - Mood Boards
1 - 2D Rendering
Design Breakdown
Floor Plan
Shopping List
Materials (swatch samples, etc)
Electronic + Physical Package

final surprise 0.3
It's coming to you! Expect your design pack via the post, filled with an entire guide to help you get started. Finally envision your new space just as you always wanted it to be!
additional services
Phone Consultation


For those who don't have a lot of time and need quick design problem-solving. 1 hour one on one with the Foxes themselves.
In-home Consultation


The one on one starter service with expert advice for your home. The Foxes themselves provide a one hour walk-through of your space, ideas for decor, wall colours, and solutions to any design problems.
Measuring + Photography


This is for those who feel more comfortable having the professionals come into their home to measure, assess, and photograph the space, so that the final e-design is more accurate. An even easier way to get started!
(London Only)
Trade Shopping Service


This service pays for itself after buying just a few pieces of furniture using our trade discounts. Ideal for those renovating and furnishing multiple rooms, whether now or in a few months' time.
(12 month unlimited discount service)
Extra Boards / Renders


All of our e-design services come with 3 idea boards, 2 mood boards, and one 2D render. Ideal for those who want to see additional looks or another angle of the space.
Sourcing + Admin Fee

£50 per hour

For extra design work, physical/online sourcing outside the scope of work, liaising with contractors/builders outside scope of work, we go into an hourly pay structure of £50. This would be agreed before moving forward with the additional work.
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