Are you looking for off-the-cuff wallpaper and fabric? You know, the good stuff…

Then you’re in luck as the founders of FEATHR, Ollie + Annie + Tom, sit down with us and discuss how they provide just that.

“More Art, Less Decoration” — FEATHR motto

“Don’t get that, everyone has that!”

Why buy the same wallpaper from the same big brands with the same designs over and over again? When we asked FEATHR how they began their business they said they were in that exact predicament where they couldn’t find anywhere selling unique wallpaper that was more than just background noise. They realised they had a really clear mission: to lift wallpaper out of the decoration ghetto and turn it into art!

“Use wallpaper that lifts you, like Art does!”

Wallpaper should definitely not just fade into the background and become noise, besides, its too much cost + effort to be generic. With wallpaper being more and more desirable in modern homes, restaurants, cocktail bars, your choice to use this material should be exciting and memorable. Think bold patterns, unusual subject matter, clashing colours, and off the wall script! Don’t avoid using something you’re afraid of because we all know once we get the lights in, art hung, and pillows fluffed, everything is in its right place.

“There’s a big movement in interior design at the moment – away from minimalist and Scandinavian interiors to richer, maximalist ones.”

Interior Fox could not agree more with FEATHR’s predictions in seeing more maximalist interiors on the horizon. Sometimes more IS more! We are not saying that every single item belongs in one tiny space but we definitely like to load up on rich colour, layered art + objects, and consider every square inch to be usable space! One of our favourite things is to hang great art atop great wallpaper featured by great lighting! Whir Whirlll

“You don’t have to draw a line between minimal vs maximal interior choices, your space should reflect you. (Besides, lines suck – it’s the grey areas where the good stuff happens.)”

FEATHR has a great selection of wallpaper + fabric created by real artists that could be styled into many different looks. They also allow their customers to request alternative colours or make modifications to any of the designs on their site, as their artists love the idea of life taking place in view of their creations. There’s something very personal about bringing wallpaper into your home – it’s not like art that you can unhook and rehang in a second. It’s a commitment.

Do you like tattoos but question the commitment of them? See the tattoo wallpaper that can be your temporary fix (sort of)!

One of FEATHR’s British designers Liam Sparkes has designed just that! His love of absurd yet brutal tattoos has transpired into a collection of tattoo wallpaper that we just love! Tattoos have come along way from our (my) parents generation of being for sailors, criminals, and general menaces to society. I say those are the best people! (Well at least some of them had great tattoos.) You can find a variety of colours on FEATHR’s site but our favourite is the dark green with gold “ink” from the Tattoo Flash 01 series. Which one is your favourite?

Not feeling bold n’ brave enough to try a wild wallpaper? Try using it in a small space like a bathroom, closet, or kitchen cupboard. (But don’t blame us when you fall in love and wish you had bought more!) But seriously, big design can pay off in a big way!

“Don’t disappear down a rabbit hole looking for one-of-kind wallpaper, FEATHR has done it for you!”

FEATHR has scoured through galleries, social media, personal recommendations and the odd creative rabbit hole, to find their very unique artists. They work with each of their artists to transfer their respective mediums into a 2-D wallpaper. Try requesting a sample of wallpaper and pin it your wall, sit there, take it, and make the choice to go bold!

Check out FEATHR’s collection of wallpaper + fabrics here

“Design (interior or otherwise) is about solving problems beautifully.  Art is about expressing problems beautifully.  So Art can be lifted by its context; and a room can be changed by art (whether a hung canvas or wallpaper).”

-Conversations with FEATHR by Jenna Choate-James-
Interior Fox