0.1 STOP being overwhelmed by Pinterest boards

Just like everyone else, we have also realised that creating a space or styling a room can be tremendously overwhelming. From being bombarded with Pinterest boards, what’s trending right now, and most importantly what your guests think when they take a trip to your bathroom. The whole process can be a little overwhelming and so we aim to make process easier for you.

0.2 REMOVE the stress out of decision making!

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Wallpaper or Paint? Wall lights or Pendants? Brass or copper? There’s just too much choice.
But the great thing about being online is that we have the ability to show different design concepts before you’ve even made up your mind!

0.3 KNOW exactly what it will look like

Designing a space can often feel like figuring out a puzzle, what items go where, and which pieces fit to create the perfect picture. You don’t always have the opportunity
to visualise the space until everything has been purchased and the delivery guy is at your door ready to move everything in. Being online allows us to tackle this problem by showing digital renderings. With visuals, mood boards and internet imagery, they all work together to create your space before it has already begun!

0.4 USE expert sourcing!

Because we’re online, we love to stay connected! Knowing where to get the best bits and pieces is our job and we love it! From high-street markets to what’s trending right now, we make sure we’re up to date. I’d love to say we are experts at finding the best furniture for you!

0.5 SAVE bundles of money!

Last but not least, who doesn’t love to save money? I mean seriously, designing can easily rip the pockets out of your favourite funky jeans, and I mean, that’s just not cool!

The one thing we aim to be, is considerate. We understand how annoying it can be when you think you’re finished designing but you forgot to anticipate installing the wall lights or choosing the finish for your table tops. These small things can easily throw you over budget and we aim to soften that blow for you. Being online allows us to save more than usual with trade discounts and discount codes, leave it down to us!

Unlike traditional interior designers, most E designers charge a flat fee per room with no hidden costs. 😉

A Few Examples!

We are quite bold when we’re designing and so we love mixing patterns + colours. Of course, there is an element of trend (pinks, marbles, brass, wallpaper, velvets) but we are always conscious of our clients wishes and what each project entails.

“If anything, we like to marry our style with our clients”

Example style 1

For this above look, the client wanted to modernise her loft conversion with an eclectic and slightly rustic look.

Example style 2

For the above look, the client was really inspired by sea grass wallpaper & a traditional glam space.

Example style 3

For the above look, this client wanted to create a bold bedroom using pink, orange and brass.

2nd Image:  Pinterest | Lisa Duxter
7th image: Fabian Blank | @blankerwahnsinn
All other images owned by Interior Fox.

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