“Seeing is believing, right? Or is it?”

Sight seems like the obvious and most important sense in designing a room but we always find one thing that’s overlooked: The lighting! Having the right lighting in a space can really set the atmosphere and give your space that luxury feel. We also understand that not everyone has the privilege of having good natural lighting in their home due to awkward spacing and inconsiderate architects (smile), but whether its artificial or natural, this could make a big difference to your space! From hanging pendant lights to create a grand space in the hallway or spot lights within the kitchen, lighting is one of the best features you could find in someone’s home (if it’s done right).
We love a light that makes a statement in a room which draws the eye in the direction that needs it most. Have a neglected corner? Add a small table and a statement light like the Loop Brass Light by Oliver Bonas. This is bound to turn heads!

tip: having at least three light sources in a room is a must. The more light sources, the more ways to transform the room.

Images: Left Image image  Top Right: chandelier  Bottom Right: table light


“Sorry what? I can’t hear you. Did someone say turn down the volume?”

Aside from having double (or triple) glazed windows, how can sound make a space more luxurious? Well… the crisp sound of music from really great speakers can really make a party. We believe sound has a massive part to play within a home whether its maxed out on volume 60 or a soft jazz melody playing while you cook some tasty pasta!

Bringing the vibes to your home with sound is a great way of styling! Music can easily boost the mood of your space and anyone else who enters it!

Not really into the new techy-stuff, and want something vintage? Check out the Gramophone! Want a speaker that you can talk to? Try the Whyd speaker and of course the speakers that always wins in luxury is Bang and Olufsen. Try a style that suits you.

tip: Think about the style of your home and where music might be needed the most (like an open plan kitchen / living room) and try to find speakers that match your homes aesthetics. There are tons out there. 

Images: Far leftB and O Top Right: GRAMOPHONE Bottom Right: whyd speaker


“Luxury definitely has a smell!”

When we think of smells, we can automatically relate it to a clear memory. We might not know exactly where it’s from but we remember how it made us feel! We’ve come to understand that whether its body + hand wash fragrances in your bathroom or refreshing candles in the hallway, the more luxurious brands really make a difference to our mood! Good quality fragrances help create an atmosphere as well as gorgeous scented memories so don’t be afraid to splurge a little.

Also think about the cleaning products you use in your home. One of our favourite brands is Method because not only does it have an organic fresh smell, it actually is organic!

Tip: Try finding a scent that you personally love and getting candles, soaps, and hand washes with the same ingredient in it to unify the scent in your home. This gives your space a distinct smell that people will remember when coming over. Sometimes too many scents in a space can clash.

Images:  Left Image: Instagram Top Right: Valkiria Candle Bottom Right: Aesop


“I know what you’re thinking. FOOD!”

Well to be honest, it’s our favourite topic as well… But were talking about the way a well organised kitchen displays its finest ingredients: nice olive oil, salt bowl, a beautiful pepper mill and a beautiful bowl of citrus fruits (think oranges, lemons, limes.)  Displaying fruits and pastries can be a beautiful way to make a home feel inviting as well, especially if they’re freshly baked for visiting guests. I know I know, who has time to bake but it’s all about eating with your eyes when you walk into the kitchen and think to yourself, this looks damn good! It’s Luxury!

Tip: Use of mixture of materials when displaying items in the kitchen such as a wormwood cutting board, brass pepper mill, glass bowl, green plant, etc.. Mix it up baby.

Images: Left Image: image Top Right: toast rack Bottom Right: bowl


“The door handle is the hand shake of the building”

(This is such a great quote written by Philosopher Juhani Pallasma.)
Touch is also a very dominant sense as it contributes to the overall luxury experience of a space. The emotional feeling of a home starts with the first physical interaction of walking through the door. Did you use the brass door knocker or turn the cast iron door knob when you came in? Did you pull back the double stitched linen curtains and feel how heavy or silky they were?

 What we are saying is that when it comes to touch and luxury, you notice the difference between something of high quality and low quality.  That difference usually is texture + weight. Good quality items are usually heavier as they are made with more hard-wearing materials (most of the time). And the same goes for fabric, wallpaper, upholstery, etc…You just know when you touch it right?? Especially the touch of cold stonework when resting your arms (cocktail in hand) on a hot summers day.

Tip: Think about adding at least 5 different textures in one room and see how it can advance your mood and create a sense of luxury.

Images: Left Image: image Top Right: handle Bottom Right: table