We all know styling a home takes a little bit more than overnight brainstorming and a few sketches, but there are some definite eye sores that need to be addressed.
We know how easy it is make these simple errors, because believe us we’ve done it before:

0.1 Plan Your Budget

“What’s your game plan bro?”

Renovating or styling a space can easily become a scary project staring you in the the face. One thing we’ve learn to understand is that were all human and make mistakes, especially
when it comes to the big M word: MONEY.
We can all testify to that feeling of thinking the projects is almost done, then realising you still have the decorative bits and styling left to do.
We would say it’s important to outline a budget from the very beginning so you aren’t presented with surprises further down the line!

The Solution:
1. Remember the budget is not just for renovation! Outline a budget at the beginning that includes a dedicated amount for styling costs.
2. Always have a plan B! Sourcing objects can often get frustrating when the item is out of stock or last season.

The Homebody. This person welcomes London’s bad weather because it means they get to stay home. This person loves cooking alone in the comfort of their own home. This person loves to dedicate a day to snuggling up and reading a book. This gift set has the perfect essentials for a homebody- a wool-blend blanket and tasseled cushion cover for snuggling, a chic stoneware cup for tea time, a cotton apron for evenings spent cooking alone, and a large ceramic vase for your loved plants!

0.2 Spice up the book life!

Who said the ONLY fun with books is the stories inside them? Certainly not us, ha!

A common mistake, or should we say, default, is organising your book shelf in height order – from tallest to smallest. Spice up your book styling skills by arranging your bookshelf in an exciting way.
We know how hard it can be choosing a book anyway, so why not make the process more jaw-dropping for yourself and your guests too!

The Solution:
Stack the books on their side instead of up-right to show the pages
1. Include frames, ornaments & plant pots in-between and on top of books to make the shelf look more captivating
2. Arrange the books by colour & content – not only will this look fab but it will appear super organised to your guests.

(images: pinterest)

0.3 Sticking to one shop only

(imagine an entire IKEA house)

This is a common mistake easily made when you just want to “get the job done”!
Sticking to one shop is great if your looking for one item or a couple of bits and bobs, but we’ve found that when you are styling it is important to have a variety of suppliers ready to shop from.
We always recommend our clients to stay inspired by different brands and stores. The beauty in that is having a gallery of beautiful objects within your home for that travelled, eclectic look (even if your style is minimal)

The Solution:
1. Before styling, create a list of your favourite suppliers and styles (whether online or local to you).
2. Be Open and Experimental! The best homes are created when objects are picked up through travelling and lifetime experiences.

Tip: When you’re looking for metallics pay attention to the type of finish each supplier provides (e.g. swoon editions brass finish vs an artisan’s brass finish on etsy)

(image: pinterest)

0.4 Repeating the same trends

(or using too much trend)

We can all admit to falling in love with a trend for way too long, so much so that it has now expired and is rotting past its sell-by date.
Making the mistake of holding on to a trend can get super tedious and often can over-crowd a space for no reason. Sometimes, less is more and it’s just time to move on pal!
Yes of course, we loved the pineapples, leaves, and flamingos, but don’t feel pressured to include them into EVERYTHING. Don’t be afraid to explore and experiment with your own trends and discover what’s new for you!

The Solution:
1. For every pattern, try and tone it down with a plain fabric or object e.g cushion covers.
2. Declutter every 6 months to get rid of old trends and styles (or re-create your own).
If it’s a special vintage piece store it away until you might use it for next years decor and styles.


(images: pinterest)

0.5 Choosing the Wrong Rug Size

“What’s your return policy for rugs again?”

Buying a rug is like buying a dress for your mother, its either too big or too small.
It’s an easy mistake to make especially when you fall in love at first sight. (your almost too lovestruck to see the imperfections).
Rugs have a really important role to play within a home as it is pulls the space together – so it needs to be just right! By measuring the space and the furniture around it before purchasing is a great way to start your lavish rug journey!
A common mistake madewhen styling is making sure the furniture is either covering parts of the rug or not.To keep things tidy always make sure your furniture is ALL in or ALL out, if not then make sure the rug is neatly hidden by the less visible legs. This is a great way of keeping your room looking ordered and neat.

The Solution:
1. Measure the size of your seating area before you go shopping!
2. If you have a small room use the illusion of a small refreshing rug!
3. A rug is to pull the room together – not chop it up (don’t go too small)
4. The rug is either ALL on or ALL off, if you prefer ½ on then choose the two legs less visible.

(images: pinterest)

0.6 Art Placement

“That’s way too high!”

Visibility is everything! When you leave someone’s home the last things you remember are the objects that you interacted with the most – if you can see them!
If your hanging art (or mirrors) consider the viewer and their perspective.
You wouldn’t want to spend a great amount of money on your favourite painting just for it to be above eye level. I always say, imagine that your house is a city and arrange the furniture in proportion to body vs city level.

The Solution:
1. Don’t hang it too high! (or too low)consider the correlation between the space and the interior
2. Consider context for all your paintings, how does it respond to the colours, styles and lighting within the space.
3. Avoid locations that could cause damage (e.g hanging over a radiator could melt fixtures and fittings)

(image: pinterest)

0.7 Avoid Furniture Flushing

(this is the term we’d use for furniture too close to the walls)

Modern homes aren’t known well for being large and spacious (unless you have a few millions to splash on a large property and live anywhere but London) homes can often feel like enclosed boxed rooms. It can be very hard to compact the room with your favourite furniture, but It is important to not compress them too close against the wall as it might scratch freshly painted walls or mark up your territory.  Especially if the property isn’t yours, the last thing you want is for your inventory & check out report to prove you guilty!

The Solution:
1. Leave a 10cm gap between the sofa and walls just to prevent
2. Styling with a wall border often helps furniture from reaching right into the corner
3. Add bumpers or felt to corners of your furniture to prevent them from leaving marks to your walls or floors (especially if you have a deposit problem)

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