So we’ve been itching to share this blog post with you as we know this question comes up ALL the time when renovating or styling a space.

Painting your home can be one of the most scariest decisions in styling history because once you start its hard to go back! Or is it?

We know It’s impossible to physically make a room bigger without knocking down the walls and starting again.

This is why we love design! Colour is our best friend when this problem pops up because it saves you some money and allows you to get super creative!
That’s why were so grateful for the these solutions.

How do I make my space feel bigger?


  1. Try selecting a specific zone within your room to paint all the way from wall to ceiling!
  2. Keep the flooring dark and the walls light. This will also create a visual illusion to make the room appear as if its been expanded.
  3. A small room doesn’t always have to be painted in light colours, emphasise its cosiness by painting it midnight blue or deep red.
  4. Choose a cool & light colour from the colour wheel. Light and bright walls are more reflective, making a space feel open and airy, which helps maximise the effect created by natural light.

How can paint make my space cosier?

There’s nothing better than walking into a space and realising how relaxed and comforting it makes you feel. Luckily, we’ve learned to understand that painting has a big part to play!


  1. Choose colours from the warm side of the colour wheel – colour is responsible for allowing our bodies to feel a certain way. Choosing a warm colour can trick the brain into changing the temperature – now that’s just cool!
  2. A sunny yellow can surprisingly heat up a room, but don’t go overboard! Feel free to compliment it with a white ceiling and woodwork to keep it looking fresh!
  3. Painted murals or hand painted sketches on walls can often make a space feel more personal and therefore more cosy – tap into your creative side and give it a try!

Bring your paintings alive!

Who said painting was just for the walls? We’ve seen some cool trends this summer and painting on top of paintings has to be one of them!

Spice up your space by becoming the artist of your own home. If you have an old painting you don’t mind giving a makeover, then we would definitely suggest this!


  1. Modernise some of your classic paintings by painting half of the image in a block colour.
  2. Re-paint the frames of your paintings with a pop colour colour so they stand out amongst the rest of the rooms decor!
  3. Incorporate one featured colour from the painting as a featured wall or border.

Create Zoning 

Remember, painting is just as fun as you make it, we all know it can take some serious patience and technique to paint, but don’t forget to have fun!

We believe the best spaces are made when the artist is more care free.


  1. Direct pathways & movement by painting a specific section in your home to indicate function or purpose.
  2. Put your left-over paint to use by sectioning off entrances or exits in your space, this will help your guests navigate around your space easily.

Surprise use of Colour!

Love the element of surprise …


  1. Painted stripes will make a room look higher! Especially if the stripes continue all the way to the ceiling! This is a good way to create visual interest (black and white stripes are often a classic)
  2. Specifically, diagonal stripes will make a space feel less claustrophobic and more intriguing and captivating.
  3. Painting shapes above door entrances or halfway across the room can easily make your room an exciting space to be in! Whether its a triangle on top of a door space, or thing rectangle going around the whole door frame, spice up your living space with pops of colour!
  4. Including the objects and furniture within your paint theme is also and fun & quirky way of having fun with your paint choice. Remember don’t take it too seriously!

Want more inspiration?
Check out our pinterest page for a good selection of ideas.


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