Choosing Art for your space can be one of the hardest decisions to make, especially when its one of the last things you tend to add to your space. One thing we try to remind people when purchasing Art is to remember that it’s for you, so make sure it excites you. A great piece of Art should give you thrills every time you walk past it!! It’s also important to consider diversity in your choice of Art, don’t just stick to the contemporaries! Throw in some sass and humour here and there – after all, Art isn’t always meant to be serious.
(love a hand-me-down from grandma…)

One thing we also try to advise our clients or friends is to try not to match your Art with you room decor – this is a common mistake! I mean it can be great if you know you wont change your mind on your colour scheme halfway down the year, but seriously – choose it because you love it!

0.1 “Pink Is The New Orange”

Acrylic on canvas is a fun way of playing with cool colour combos and whats more fun than PINK + ORANGE ?

This abstract piece is a nice graphic punch to mix within a gallery wall! Layer upon layer of paint and glaze, the artist creates what she describes as a jewel-like image .
Finish off the look with a classic thin frame (colour of your choice) – we tend to love the simplistic black border feel.

0.2 “BUSTED”

There is always a straight line to every story? We love how simple and elegant this print is! Artist Roebuck has a strong ability to give fresh edge to antique ideas, its oh-so-evident in this print.

Her use of a sleek outline makes the Roman-inspired subject feel contemporary and on-trend. Totally worth the price!

 0.3 “Ode to the abstract”

We love Art like this! Very simple but elegantly beautiful with the suprise use of colour. Choosing an abstract print like this could really impact a small room or tight corner.

This print is titled: “I once lived this street”, which seems abstract in itself, but hey, we’re loving it.
It would even be cool to use some of these colours to compliment a few accessories.

 0.4 “Ovids Omilla”

So you might think this artwork is a photograph but actually artist McCarick has not used a single camera at all.
She has mastered this marble-like effect using the technique: “Cameraless photography”.
She magically creates images on photographic paper by casting shadows and manipulating light and chemically treating the surface of the paper.

And, its only £80, cool right?

 0.5 “Magical Marrakech”

Current staple: PASTEL PINK + SOFT TROPICS!  This photograph would go great in an office or intimate living space.
We always love the idea of inspiring pieces of artwork in small spaces and of course love pink.
Sometimes just let the artwork tell the story…

0.6 White Peacock ll

If bright punchy images are not so much your thing, this print could be your number ONE go-to! Lindstrom’s simple use of colour reminds us how amazing this could look on any wall, anywhere!
She simply names this: “A regal white peacock painted in acrylic on a dark background”.
Elegance with a statement!

0.7 “Erotic A-Z”

We love this cheeky alphabet series and we would probably purchase every single letter of the alphabet if it was up to us!
Each letter consists of dark and deliciously tantalising female portraits collaged into individual letters of the alphabet, titled ” Erotic A-Z”.

If you are ever creating a space that needs some character or humour, we’d definitely recommend this one! (I actually have one at home…shhh)

0.8 “34 Dots, 6 Lines”

We believe every home needs a black and white graphic print! If you are ever looking for something straight to the point and decorative, we’d recommend this black & white abstract print.
Originally executed in black block ink, sumi ink, and graphite, the artist knows how to delicately explore minimalism. Say no more.

0.9 “Girls with the white face”

There is something so captivating about this image that we just fall for every time we look at it. This is an original collage on cardboard. We love this artwork for its versatility and would style this beauty on a hallway console table among some cactus plants + mirrors, or on a book shelf complimenting a stack of books. On its own or apart of gallery wall, this collage fits in with everything!

0.10 “Malachite”

Drown yourself in this single-hued painting, it feels like a surreal watery dream! The soft shades of turquoise + teal feel serene and therapeutic which means we need one in every room! The fresh use of colour is used in the traditional way of layering abstract sections of paint which can easily fit in with any modern art collection. This comes frameless!

0.11 “Flying like a butterfly, flies”

Unique pieces of artwork are always something that inspire us and would definitely recommend something like this to draw the eye in. This limited edition statement piece called “Spitfire” would easily compliment a colourful or bright room as stripes can magically break up the continuity!
1 of 50, digitally printed on specialty paper, “Spitfire” represents the aircraft of the same name, viewed in plan, and hidden in black & white vertical stripes.
Bright was inspired by the stripes painted on D-day aircrafts from WWII.

0.12 “Guests around the pool at Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio”

Now this photograph just excites us, and not just because its by the pool! Theres something about this artist’s style that reminds us of Slim Aaron’s photographs from the 1960’s which are full of colour and sunshine. Well now you can afford your own version of a Slim Aarons’ style photograph until you save up for one of his original photographs.
The light blues, reds, and whites remind us of holiday vibes and would definitely recommend using a photograph like this to stand out against a otherwise “cold”wall.

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