High-street shopping with high-end decor in mind!

We are constantly scouring the web for affordable furniture + decor for our clients and, often enough, these pieces are coming from high street retailers. Not everyone’s budget can allow for custom made or high end, even mid-range is hard sometimes when you’re buying a lot of stuff for a project at once. Here is a quick edit of 6 amazing finds from very well known retailers that won’t break the bank and have loads of style!

0.1 “Fringed Cushion Cover- £8.99”

Fringed Cushion by H&M

This razzle dazzle is only £8.99! Yes it cotton fringe as opposed to a luxury silk version but £8.99?? She has such movement! And yes, she is a SHE. We are seeing and loving all the tassel and fringe decor out right now as you can find it embellished on lamps, stools, and cushions for that extra bit of texture and movement.

0.2 “Hourglass- £25.99”

Hourglass from Zara Home with Brass detail

Ok, we want all 3 and want to arrange them just like this but then that would defeat the purpose of the £25.99 price tag! You could probably find dozens of hourglasses for much cheaper online and in store but these look expensive and have nice brass detailing. The colour of the sand is quite nice as well, especially that cobalt blue! 🙂

0.3 “Green Velvet Stool- £34.99”

Green Velvet Stool by TK Maxx with Brass Detail

This decor piece would be a great addition in a large living room when you need quick extra seating and for £34.99 it is a HUGE win. I personally just bought an upholstered footstool from TK Maxx recently and was supirsed how decent the quality was. We think this is definitely worth throwing into your design scheme somewhere… theres gotta be a place. Bright teal + brass equals easy happiness.

0.4 “Grey & Blue Chenille Rug- £79.99”

Grey & Blue Chenille Rug by Tk Maxx

Whether or not you are over the “over-dyed” antique rug vibe, you really can’t beat £78.99 (and its freaking gorgeous). We are a sucker for this baby blue + sky blue combo especially within this type of design as it has a nod to the English or Asian heritage. This rug isn’t very big 122 x 183 cm but we know that has never been an issue in compact London life. TK Maxx has some really great treasures, aye? And have you been to HomeSense? It’s their sister store dedicated entirely to furniture and decor but you cannot buy online, you must go in person! (I always come out with something, its GREAT.)

0.5 “Dexter Floor Lamp- £143.20”

Dexter Floor Lamp by Marks & Spencer

We’ve had our eye on this baby since the summer and now it is even further reduced in price! The brass + milk glass bulb look is so ON right now and we are loving it, especially when you can add affordable pieces like this one to your collection. They also have a table lamp version as well! We LIKEY 🙂

0.6 “Heather Dining Chair, Burnt Orange- £109”

Heather dining chair in burnt orange velvet brass legs by Cult Furniture

When you need to buy at least 4-6 dining chairs all at once, a price at £109 and a design like this, is the way to go. The simple brass legs and the rich saturated burnt orange colour is everything your dining table needs! Oh and it comes in OTHER COLOURS as well! Where is the slow hand clap GIF when you need one? But seriously what a steal and in fact Cult Furniture’s entire site is full of great deals that don’t skimp on design. Side note: our lovely office chairs (black leather + brass swivel legs + on wheels) is from here and we adore them!

Thanks for checking out our list! Happy SHOPPING and you’re welcome 🙂

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