We know how hard it can be to find the perfect gift for someone, so we have gathered our top gifts this holiday season for different personalities! YOU’ RE WELCOME !

0.1 For Those Who Want to Get Lit

(just kidding)

Candles are always a great gift for home lovers but picking the right one is key! You can always play it safe and go for Diptyque or a Jo Malone candle, which I am sure they will love, but we’ve gathered a few to choose from that are more fun and unique. Think of the persons home and pick a candle you think will go well with their interiors. Never been to their home? Then pick one you think they’ll love. (or go safe with Diptyque!)

0.2 For Those Who Got Lit and Need to Recover

Ok, this is definitely for those who need some quiet time and love to pamper themselves… AND take baths! (This is me). Just looking at these products makes me want to take a bath right now with some bath oils, sipping on tea (or wine) while wearing a face mask.

0.3 For Those Who Pretend to Read

We love coffee table books, especially ones that are also interesting to browse through and are more than just a pretty cover. We gathered 6 that we love. One in particular is May I Come In, which showcases 75 private homes owned by artists, celebrities and aristocrats, all captured by Wendy Goodman. Also, did you know that Dali had a cookbook? It’s amazing!

0.4 For Those Masculine Fellows

I don’t know about you but, for me shopping for Men can be really hard! These are a few we gathered that might help you out. However we do have a few more ideas! Is he into sports? Then try looking for tech-y devices that will help his performance (fitbit, apple watch, water proof headphones?). Or try thinking about something he really needs and hasn’t thought about getting himself (a new gym bag, briefcase, wallet, belt?)

0.5 For The Office Secret Santa (under £25)

Oh the office gifts… it can be really hard to get a gift especially if it’s for Secret Santa and your giving a gift to someone you don’t know so well! Above are just a few ideas that can work for anyone! However try to think about what the person does at work? Do they travel a lot? Have pets? Have kids? Obviously making the gift more thoughtful is always better (especially if your Secret Santa is your boss!)

Now Lets Start Wrapping!