Here is fun compilation of wallpapers that we feel match your birth month! No, we aren’t actually qualified to read or interpret star signs so we wont pretend that is what this is! But we do know colour and style, so have a look at this visual feast of wallpapers that might inspire you! We also get trade discounts in case you fancy purchasing one or two!! Enjoy!!

Hey November, your birthstone is Citrine/Topaz so we dug up some great wallpaper that might suit your adventurous soul! You are a classy dame as none of these wallpapers are cheap but you know you deserve some luxury in your life at any cost. We know you like to travel the world and take risks so your home clearly represents that with unique and eclectic pieces. On the flip side some might argue that you’ve hit up one too many garage sales and are borderline hoarding, but you’ve got great taste, so F them.

wallpaper blue turquoise horoscope interior design london edesign blog boutique

Hey December, your birthstone is Turquoise/Tanzanite/Zircon, why do you get 3?? It must be because your colours are so bad ass! I mean I’m quite jealous for not being born in December but then I remember you have to share your birthday with Christmas?? There are so many great wallpapers that effortlessly fit in with any decor scheme as blue is universally such a great colour. This shade of blue especially reminds us of an exotic ocean which is perfect for the daydreamer inside of you. We also found quite a lot of variety in wallpaper patterns, both floral and geometric, so your options are quite open… Like you? 🙂

January wallpaper horoscope blog interior design london designer edesign boutique

Hey January, your birthstone is Garnet! And red is kind of a difficult colour to use in an interiors scheme, at least for us! Unless you love red and already have it everywhere, we’d suggest to use it sparingly! We mixed some cool wallpapers, Art, and textiles above to show a few options of the way you can use of a dash of this red to liven up your space.  You are known sometimes to be quite a measured person and use precaution in your life, we would recommend to do the same with this colour! But what do we know?

february wallpaper blog horoscope interior design edesign london

Hey February, your birthstone is Amethyst, and what girl doesn’t love purple?? Well this girl!  Growing up I absolutely hated it but have really come into loving a certain shade of a lilac/pastel purple. It could be because this is my birthstone and I always wanted the Turquoise or Emerald or Garnet or Alexandrite colours (Ok, all of them except mine), but really appreciate it now. This moody purple is perfect for the February soul as lets face it, its a cold cold month! But we make up for it with our warm hearts. No? 🙂 Oh and the top left wallpaper also comes in mirror finish as well… hehe cheeky!

march wallpaper blog horoscope turquoise interior design edesign london

Hey March, your birthstone is Aquamarine, which, lets face it, looks like Decembers’ wallpaper grid! But how gorgeous is the colour of this bright teal blue? It deserves to show up twice! You are artistic, compassionate, and shine when you walk into a room. (Was talking about the colour, but you too.) Use this colour wherever you can to lighten up any room and any mood! This colour looks great with all those brass accessories you’ve been hoarding year round too. Haha, were guilty too!

april blog wallpaper horoscope edesign london interior design boutique affordable

Hey April, your birthstone is Diamond. Do you even like wallpaper? With such a classic and timeless soul (and gem) that you are, why clutter it up? That’s what your’e thinking right? Well you can have classic and timeless wallpaper, too, It will just add a hint of texture to layer up the absence of colour. And yes your diamond soul might be devoid of colour but your interior style is still full of life. Maybe just try and add a lot more plants?

May-wallpaper-blog-horoscope-interior design-edesign-london

Hey May, your birthstone is Emerald. Well aren’t you trendy? From the look of it you know how to scream from the roof top that you know style without even saying a word. Yup, your’e the strong silent type but oh so loud! haha We love your birthstone and all of the wallpapers that might represent your colour, but you’re not having any of it. You already know! (Side note, the gorgeous sausage dog really makes the most impact above all.) 🙂

june wallpaper horoscope interior design edesign london boutique design

Hey June, your birthstone is Moonstone/Pearl/Alexandrite, which visually doesn’t look anything alike but, hey, you like diversity. Nest much? Perfect! You love your interiors and making a cool ass house, so don’t try and come in-between this month’s creative flow. Fresh, natural, and clean really represent your style so finding a wallpaper to reflect that can sometimes be a challenge as you might see so much pattern and colour. Stick with the search or use these, as we’ve got you covered! Our girl Mariana is a June baby too and she approves!  🙂

july wallpaper horoscope design interior edesign london

Hey July, your birthstone is Ruby, and yeah, go ahead and say it… It looks like January! But hey, they are only so many colours on this earth! Actually ruby is a much deeper coloured gem, kind of like your soul? Ok we don’t know your soul but we know you like some power + fire + impact, whether you read into that figuratively or literally. Like we said before with January, a little goes a long way and to use this fiery shade thoughtfully! It looks quite nice when you use this colour in a rattan or linen weave as it “chills it out”. Whatever you do, don’t mix ruby red with a shiny surface!

august wallpaper horoscope edesign london interior design

Hey August, your birthstone is Peridot..? Ok this was the hardest collection for me to put together despite it being full of green leaves and plants! There is a certain shade of lime that really depicts the Peridot gem and maybe that reflects the particular nature of internal self! In other words, “You Picky”. An easy way to pair green is with more green as there is so many shades and tones of green that they always compliment each other. Next best thing, and right on trend, is to pair it with pink! Ground-breaking right? Seriously pink + green, trend or not, will always be buddies and go together. Green is probably already a big part of your life as you’re a nature lover and a real do-gooder, good for you! (We’re obviously green with envy..)

september horoscope wallpaper edesign london interior design

Hey September, your birthstone is Sapphire. Wow, we love this colour and see it is really making a statement in interiors and fashion right now. But you’ve always known that your birthstone is a wicked wicked colour and so is your heart! (Haha, we’ve known a few September babies and we can say that.) But to the good ones, this cobalt blue is really powerful and packs a unique punch of colour. Try pairing it with pinks, purples, and that god-forsaken red (JK). But seriously the cool tone colours look great as a complimentary balance. We dig all these wallpapers and would be happy to own any of them!

october wallpaper horoscope edesign london interior design sourcing affordable design

Hey October, your birthstone is Opal/Tourmaline. There is something so etherial yet moody about you, I mean this colour. We love the warm glow that is emitted from this moonstone colour as it almost has an flat iridescence to it. This pairs nicely with warm earth tones like woods and brass materials so choosing a wallpaper in this range will be a nice compliment to furniture you probably already own. You are a bit vintage-opulence but yet you really want to be trendy, we say stick to your roots and be old-school. Nothing like a poser, not that you are, our little moonbeam!