H&M Home – Our top 10 favourite tableware for under £20 from

As you guys might have noticed, we have officially partnered with H&M Home to offer exclusive interior design packages to the H&M Home customer! While we have spent a lot of time in-store and online digging through their products, we thought we would share our Top 10 Favourite tableware for under £20 from H&M Home! Whether you’re planning a dinner party or looking for some new tableware to spice things up in your dining area, we’ve gathered some chic finds to make your dining table stand out! Who says shopping on a budget has to be dull?

 .01 3-Pack Cutlery, £8.99

H&M Home gold cutlery set 3-pack

Who doesn’t love finger food? Spring rolls, sweet potato fries, quesadillas…our mouths are watering just thinking about it! Realistically, you can’t have a dinner set without cutlery! Luckily we’ve found a simple yet elegant set of Gold cutlery from H&M Home. For just £8.99 this cutlery set will go with…pretty much anything. If your interior is Bohemian, Scandinavian, or Minimalistic, this cutlery set will work for you!

H&M Home black porcelain serving bowl with fluted base

Perfect for serving salads or a selection of fruits, this porcelain bowl adds so much character to your dining table while also coinciding with other decor styles. Its fluted base and glazed black colour adds charm and simplicity to your table.

.03 Small Marble bowl, £17.99

H&M Home green marble bowl with brass detail

We’re so used to eating our soups from plain and simple white bowls. Why not enhance your cupboard with a bit of colour and class? H&M Home offers these marvellous dark green marble bowls for £17.99. The combination of the brass base and marble composition proves that the art deco inspired trend still upholds.

.04 Large stoneware plate, £9.99

H&M Home green stoneware plate

Whatever the occasion, these large stoneware plates from H&M Home will look dazzling on your dining table. With a 26 cm diameter, these plates are guaranteed to handle even the largest of meals you plan on serving! The dense stone-like quality of the plate makes it hard to believe that they’re only £9.99!

.05 Oval glass vase, £14.99

H&M Home clear glass vase

Never forget your centerpiece! The clear glass finish and pleated design of the oval glass vase will surely tie the table together. Whether you fill your vase with a grand bouquet or a single willow twig, the vase won’t go unnoticed.

.06 Long teaspoon, £6.99

H&M Home gold 3-pack long teaspoons

It’s 5 o’clock and you know what that means…tea time!! Luckily H&M Home has loads of bare necessities for the occasion. These gold steel teaspoons are a bit different with their long and narrow shaft. The pack of three sells for just £6.99!

.07 Linen napkin, £8.99

H&M Home beige linen napkins

Dinner parties can get quite messy sometimes, from wine spills to crumbs on your lap. These beige linen napkins are a must for any dining table. And the best part is, the more you wash the linen napkins, the softer they get! The pack of two sells for just £8.99!

.08 Wine glass, £6.99

H&M Home yellow wine glass with a rim that curves gently outwards

There’s always time for a glass of wine! Whether you’re drinking a rare Cabernet Sauvignon or a Tesco brand Chardonnay, this wine glass will have you feeling more and more sophisticated with each sip. The translucent yellow glass with a rim that curves gently outwards gives a sort of vintage feel.

.09 Wooden tray, £12.99

H&M Home wooden tray in acacia wood with a small rim and gently rounded corners

The wooden tray of your dreams, made of acacia wood. This natural wood tray can be found online for just £12.99. The piece compliments the earthy tones of the linen napkins, the marble bowl, and the stoneware plates. The versatility of the tray allows you to serve cheeses, desserts, and even tea!

H&M Home white jasmine large scented candle in a glass holder

Everyone loves candles right? Well, we’ve found the perfect one for you! Similar to the oval glass vase, this scented candle by H&M Home adds an element of grace. The sweet smell of white jasmine will add a warm and romantic ambiance to any dinner table!