We might be dreaming…

We’ve been shortlisted for the Amara Interior Blog Awards for the category of Best Interior Designer Blog again this year! Is this a major honour or what? We would like to express our deep gratitude for this opportunity. This year, the shortlist was decided by a combination of the judges’ scores and the votes received from the public. Thank you to all those who voted for us. To our friends, family, peers, colleagues, and followers- we made it to the top five because of YOU!!

Being hosted by Amara is truly significant. As a unique brand itself, Amara is a leader of interior inspiration, featuring over 250 leading brands in the industry. The Amara Interior Blog Awards seek to celebrate and recognize the most talented and respected bloggers in the interior blogging industry. Amara is known to create the most memorable, elegant, and sophisticated ceremony; we just cannot wait to see what they will be doing this year in November!

Check out these gorgeous glasses from last year by Pols Potten!

And these flower arrangements are too amaaaazing!!

There are so many talented blogs and design companies nominated for the  2019 Amara Interior Blog Awards, from all sorts of categories- Best Design Inspiration Blog, Best Company Blog, and so many more! This is our second year being nominated, and to say we are lucky is an understatement. This year, the amazing 2LG Studio will be judging the ceremony and we feel delighted to meet the talented duo. Most importantly, we  look forward to meeting and mingling with all the accomplished and creative contestants in the industry!

Unfortunately Jenna was away visiting family in the US and couldn’t attend last year. However, this year we will both be attending. Photo below was taken last year, can you spot the 2LG behind Mariana and her Husband? Hahah!

See you all in November! We can’t wait! 🙂