Bloomsbury Office Project: Before + After

An 8 month renovation and design project in the heart of central London. This is not your average office space!

This is BIG….well, at least we think so!

Instantly we knew because of the creative nature and youth of our clients fast paced business that style + colour were definitely going to be emphasised!

Before                                                                                              After

Even just from the first image you can tell how drastic the changes are. This room had such great bones for a conference room being on the ground floor and with so much natural light.

No conference room would be complete without some stylish yet comfy armchairs so gave the client a simply styled corner for just that. If you feel like listening in on a meeting, there’s a place for that.

You’ll notice a few fireplaces around the original space and we just couldn’t let those go. In fact, we wanted to incorporate the fireplaces and original moldings to highlight the beauty and history of the building.

In the lower ground floor was a dingy and damp room but had a decent amount of space so we turned this into the main kitchen.

Hidden inside this lonely closet was a little vaulted ceiling that we knew we had to utilise; and so we did! We took down the closet doors and revealed the awesome slanted detail perfect for a snug little sofa.

You’d expect the interview room to be intimidating, right? Nope! We made it chic and stylish by adding a simple grey dado wall to ground the space and, of course, added mirrors to bounce around that natural light. A circular table was key here as it was a very narrow room so this gives the illusion of more space.

If you’re ever in the need of a quick cuppa, stop by the 2nd little kitchen used as a coffee + tea station. This was such a simple fix by replacing the worktops with IKEA faux marble, a new sink, a black tap, and black handles! Oh the hex tiled backsplash really pulled it together!

This additional office area was such a bonus by using custom built-in wardrobes for employees to use for their coats, extra suits, and general junk that should not be seen! The LED ceiling strip lighting was also such a great decision as it modernises the space and illuminates the walkways.

On the days that London’s weather is acceptable, the office’s outdoor space is perfect for relaxing and taking in some sun while lounging on the funky blue string chairs. We replaced the decking, painted it black, and added fresh greenery to really make it come alive. No smoking please!

And now for the bathrooms! Check out this hallway lobby leading to the shower rooms, it’s almost like strutting down a catwalk if you ask us! Yes, they have showers in their office now which was not an easy task for the builders as drainage, plumping, and heating were all re-routed and customised. In fact this entire space used to be another meeting room that was built from the ground up!

Blue and white paint for the men’s bathroom using matt black finishes was a simple yet effective way to add style on a budget. Hopefully it stays this clean for a bit because we all know how boys can be!

We spiced up the women’s bathroom by replacing the floor tiles with a marble effect tile and adding a green internal dado wall. The art was a big factor in adding personality and colour (and don’t forget some cheekiness for our ladies).

And this one just speaks for itself…shower room turned WC. Major change!

You’ve been waiting for the main office room reveal haven’t you? Well, here it is!! We’re obsessed with the little bar area in the corner complete with a beer fridge and a stockpile of booze under the cabinet. Don’t drink on the job though! Only on Fridays 😉 Or, we’ve been told, when someone lands a big deal!

Drum roll pleaseeeee….Here is the main office room– the co working space! The entire 9M desk was customised and created by yours truly with the help of our amazing carpenter Joe (Hansford Interiors)  and a very talented metal worker (Simply Tilia) . We created a cork upstand in the middle to add a little privacy too. Notice the pocket rooms on the left, we’ll take you through those as well.

These side pocket rooms were used to create 2 x standing desk workspaces for the active worker. They had so much natural light which is why we used such a bold rich colour to invigorate the space and added wall mounted swing lights. It almost has a modern “library vibe”?

Quirky cork detailing in this little pocket of the office since it doubles as a bold statement and added sound insulation. We used cork a lot with this project as its 1) affordable, 2) functional 3) sound proofing. We also made sure to get them brass design-y push pins so it doesn’t start to look cluttered.

We switched out the carpeted floors and changed them to engineered wood floors, added some miniature photo details on the wall, and introduced a potted plant to create a chic entryway to the main office room! The entire wall was dedicated to “Meet the Team” so we printed each employees portrait and placed them on custom picture ledges that fill the wall perfectly.

You can really see the entire space in all its glory from this angle as the skylights and mini glass courtyard bring so much natural light to this working space.

The details

We know what you’re thinking: how do I get a job at this place??