The Art of the Mood Board:
Why they work + how to make them

interior fox mood board

Imagine executing an idea without creating a mood board? Nope. As aesthetically pleasing as mood boards are, they’re actually a creative + practical tool for designers and their clients! If you’ve ever created a mood board yourself, you know how those things get your creative juices flowing- once you start you can’t stop adding ideas. In fact, it’s the very act of making a mood board that prohibits impulse purchases or costly design mistakes.

0.1 Mood-boards are about making decisions: this works, this doesn’t

interior fox mood board

Even the very best interior designer  will still use mood-boards or some form of pre-planning tool as it allows you to visualise your choices. You need to be able to see all the different elements of the furniture legs, pattern choices, size of the art, and how they harmoniously work together. Sometimes we make side by side designs to make an overall choice so we can begin in our focus in a clear direction.

0.2 Colour, Scale, Rhythm and Flow (sounds like a song)

interior fox mood board

If this mood-board were a song it would be by BLONDIE or something you can dance to from the 80’s- yesss. So this is a very bold look that we actually made for the sweetest + coolest blogger Jess Hurrell from Gold is a Neutral awhile back but we thought it was a perfect example of when pattern + colour collide. The scale of the print in the wallpaper is offset by the solid colour found in the rug and wall colour. To introduce another print in this scheme you would increase or decrease the scale of it so it doesn’t overwhelm the eye. (see the houndstooth cushion + flower pouf don’t compete with the wallpaper.)

0.3 Mood-boards are the ultimate pre-planning tool

interior fox mood board

It’s good to know the importance of mood boards and why pre-planning is key when designing or renovating your space so you don’t waste time or money on mistakes.  No time for mishaps when you have mood-boards! This look was for a London bedroom that needed some renovation + decor advice which is even more of a reason to pre-plan from the very beginning. The colour of the custom wardrobes needed to tie into the colour of the walls, trims, and decor as one united idea. The soft blues, cremes, and wood tones were important to the client to get just right as we all know there are so many ways a look can go.

0.4 Focus on what’s important in your mood-board

interior fox mood board

This might sound self-explanatory but sometimes it’s easy to get lost on a mood-board! And if it’s for a client then you especially need to make sure that you’re focusing on the right thing.  This was for a renovation project which needed guidance on the paint colours and placement for the front entry. When showing detail we like to zoom into the carpet or fabric so you can see the texture! It’s good to show the paint options in multiple ways so the client can really make their decision faster.

0.5 The mood-board layout impacts the entire scheme

interior fox mood board

This is when your artistic skill comes into play and where we take pride in our skill. The placement of your products on the page itself is important as it either reads successfully or not. A few things to keep in mind is grouping your images in odd numbers or in 3’s if possible. Try blowing smaller items up and decreasing size on larger items as a sofa is easy to see even if small but you couldn’t actually make out a tealight candle holder from normal proportions. Balance of solid objects is important when placing the items on the moodboard, so think rugs and furniture look better on the bottom of a page and lights and art look better higher.

0.6 Try using  colour in an unexpected way

interior fox mood board

If we were to give an important tip as  designers, we’d say offer your client something they haven’t asked for . (sounds odd right?) We’ll that’s why we do what we do, as its important to show you’re brave enough to be bold and  creative when your client may not be. And honestly this mood-board above isn’t even that crazy, it’s more unexpected with the addition of the magenta chair that brings out a small tone in the rug. You can easily swap out the chair with a cream boucle fabric instead if they aren’t feeling it.

++Inside Look into our Mood Board Skills++

A lot of you have been asking us about our mood boards, so we’re gonna give you an inside look into our mood board skills! For starters, we use Adobe Photoshop to create all of our mood boards as that is what we know and love! We love to play around with different textiles, graphics, and finishes, its like solving a creative puzzle. Mood boards are also like a visual checklist, if you’re working through adding things in you’ll be able to keep track of the main components that should go into your space. Don’t forget about accessories! 😉 Hope you enjoy these  animations of how our mood boards come alive, Interior Fox style!

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