Design at Nineteen x H&M Home x Interior Fox Collaboration

Every week is a new adventure for us and that’s why we love what we do (well, one of the reasons)! This past week we met Justin, the creative behind the Instagram profile design_at_nineteen. Justin has been featured in the Evening Standard’s top 20 renovation accounts to follow in 2019…surely this collaboration was going to be cool from the start. We knew from the start that our collaboration with H&M Home would be the perfect match for Justin’s style and vision. This past week we brought our H&M Home service to Justin’s Garden Studio and transformed the place. Check out the plan, the installation process, and the final results below followed by some H&M Home links to goodies featured in the shots below…keep your eyes peeled for details!

The plan

After hearing about Justin’s vision for the garden studio we created a variety of mood boards to convey the perfect theme satisfying functionality, tranquility and, of course, comfort. Justin was looking to create a space where he could get his work done without it feeling too much like an office, while keeping the cosiness of a home, and we totally understood the vision! Us Foxes worked back and forth picking out products that beautifully suited his space and aesthetic.

We used a great tool for interior designers called Ivy where we can easily save products we find online and share with clients to approve or decline. It was perfect for going back and forth with Justin. Once we locked in the items we put together a fun 2-D render of the overall vibe of the space. See below:

Installation + Photo day

We woke up, got into our adorable pink Interior Fox utility suits, and were ready to get the job done. We feel nice and official when we put these on. 🙂

We really enjoyed hanging out with Justin and getting the chance to see his garden studio and his amazing house. It’s always nice to collaborate with other creatives because you never know what kind of influence their work can have on your imagination and process of working. (although we did a lot of laughing.) 🙂

We drool over all the details- the dark metal side table, the faux fur blanket, the scented candle!! We were so happy to see Justin’s vision became a reality. Can you tell we focused on earthy tones with a twist of industrial style to achieve the look?

You can tell how eager Justin was to get into his newly refined and decorated studio dressed up in H&M Home goods! We may have to sneak over to this little hideaway in Justin’s garden occasionally to get some work done because it’s just that good. 😉 And of course, this is what really makes us happy Foxes- that radiant smile and joy that we fulfilled another client’s dream vision.

The Details