H&M Home Gift Guide: What’s your Personality?

The holiday season is sneakily approaching so we set out to create gift lists suitable to your personality! Through our collaboration with H&M Home we’ve created gift lists with five items from H&M. Are you a homebody, an influencer, a minimalist, or a traveller? Find out below and check out this year’s gift lists!

The Homebody

The Homebody. This person welcomes London’s bad weather because it means they get to stay home. This person loves cooking alone in the comfort of their own home. This person loves to dedicate a day to snuggling up and reading a book. This gift set has the perfect essentials for a homebody- a wool-blend blanket and tasseled cushion cover for snuggling, a chic stoneware cup for tea time, a cotton apron for evenings spent cooking alone, and a large ceramic vase for your loved plants!

The Influencer

The Influencer. This person loves the glitz and glam. This person is passionate about what they do. This person has an eye for quirky details. This gift set is cool, unique and so distinguishable. Every piece in this gift set is a statement piece! Hang up the gold mirror for a trendy accent (and to check yourself out once in a while, of course), or plug in the large metal table lamp on your night stand to illuminate those late nights spent responding to press emails!

The Minimalist

The Minimalist. This person is happy with the little things in life. This person lives an organized and clutter free lifestyle. This person loves an aesthetically pleasing space. This gift set offers all things simple and essential. With such a basic colour palette, these items complement each other so well. This gift set will tie together any minimalists home without seeming cluttered or out of place.

The Traveller

The Traveller. This person is adventurous and loves going out of their comfort zone. This person loves meeting new people. This person loves experiencing new adventures, new cultures, and new cuisines. This gift set is perfect for those travellers. Serve up a new cuisine you learned abroad on the Acacia Wooden Tray. Or throw on the Checked Poncho for your next adventure to stay warm, cozy and stylish!

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